I never wanted to be a photographer, as a child I wanted to be a spaceman, I watched with envy as Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, and I sang along with the Police who were also walking on the moon, although they were in love and weak at the knees'. A feeling I identified with on seeing, for the first time, some of the works of great photographers, Snowdon, Adams, O’Neil to name but a few.​​​​​​​

After I bought my first camera, in 1977, I realised that this was something I loved, something I was good at, something with which I could create images that I liked, not necessarily what was marketable or profitable. So photography was destined to be mine and mine alone, a hobby, nothing more.

So I go out, carry a camera and take images I like, not ones I need to sell to live on, or pay the bills, I take them purely for the enjoyment, no pressure, it is my happy place, and that is priceless.

That said all images can be purchased, not for profit but for charity. (See Below)

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